5 Best Biker Jacket Ideas: Men & Women

Biker Jacket Men

Today biker jackets, leather ones, in particular, are a representation of youth and free-spiritedness. It is a staple in any man or woman’s wardrobe. A complete fashion statement in itself, biker jackets have become classic outerwear. The best aspect of owning them is they are extremely versatile. You can create various exciting and bold looks from this single garment.

Whether you are looking for a winter cover-up or upgrading your style, a quality biker jacket is perfect. However, you need to invest some time in making the right choice. It is important to select the one that suits your physic and personality. And if you do not have an idea what to look for then we have you covered. Read ahead for some awesome biker jacket ensemble ideas for this season!

  1. The Effortless Style Look

There is nothing more attractive than a carelessly thrown leather biker jacket over a white tee. You can complete the look with shades and a textured hairstyle. A lot of celebrities and fashion icons carry off this style as a casual look. Details like asymmetrical fastenings and diagonal zippers make these jackets look even cooler. A classic original look that does not take any time to put together.

  • Vintage Touch

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a leather motorcycle jacket is trying to save money. Instead of choosing something manufactured from synthetic leather or shiny cheap fabric, it is better to buy vintage. Leather is admittedly expensive, so if you don’t have the budget for something new then go for vintage. You will be surprised to find the number of good quality and designed jackets in thrift stores.

The search for a leather jacket is most times very enjoyable and exciting. Almost as fun as finally wearing the one that is most suited for you! Keep an open mind and prepare to try on a few to find yourself the perfect jacket.

  • Dress It Up

A leather jacket is not just meant to be worn casually. It might be difficult, but there are still ways to dress up your jacket for fancy occasions. Just follow the rule of  “less is more” when wearing it at a formal event. Swap your jeans for formal pants or pleated trousers and boots for patent leather shoes. The t-shirt on the other hand will be replaced by a crisp white button-down. While the ladies can also go for a sleek black or white tube dress underneath. Or a silk camisole in ivory tones will be enough to turn you into a fashion diva. There you are all set for a party!

  • The Blazer Replacement

Mixing and matching different styles can be too bold for some people. Though if you have a leather jacket in your wardrobe then you have what it takes to carry it off. Using your jacket as a blazer is a perfect way to look polished and put together. Don it over a freshly ironed dress shirt and dark trousers and you are all set for the work-day. Women on the other hand can also go for the same look with an elegant blouse.

  • Play with Colors

Going for the traditional black or brown biker jacket is the safest option but it doesn’t have to be the only one. Granted that these colors go well with absolutely any other shade of outfit you wear underneath. But it is still worth exploring other lovely hues that are available in leather-like tan, maroon, or gray. In a sea of neutral leathers, yours will stand out, creating your own personal statement.

There are also more fun colors to experiment with such as neon and other bright hues. Red leathers also look extremely seductive on both genders if styled the right way. When going for vibrant colors make sure that you have the confidence to carry them off. Furthermore, choose a jacket that fits you well and with minimal detail, so the color is even more eye-catching. If done right, you can rock the colored biker jacket look with sophistication.

Final Thoughts   

Remember that no matter how high-quality or well-fitting your jacket is, it needs the right outfit and shoes. Wearing it with ill-fitting bottoms or the wrong shoe style can ruin the whole look. The leather is the central piece of your ensemble, but the rest of the pieces must complement it. Avoid pairing it with plaid shirts, contrasting hues or stonewash jeans. Too much color or pattern can steal the focus away from the jacket itself.

For times when you are not sure about your look, go for a monochrome aesthetic. Pair the jacket with close-fitting jeans, a white shirt, and black leather boots to stride out in style. Biker jacket men or women, can both wear with ease and have a wardrobe piece that is certainly an investment. It has a transforming look that is hard to rival.

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