6 Best Christmas Costumes to Twin with Your Partner

Are you a massive fan of the holiday season and always preparing ahead for all the upcoming fun? Then this post is the perfect one for you. Because we have some magical ideas to make Christmas even more joyful for you. Sparkles tinsels, and a ton of glittering decorations are an undeniable part of Christmas. But why should all that fanciness remain to the tree and your surroundings? Our list of Christmas costume ideas 2020 will help you and your partner take the fun to the next level. Take inspiration from our guide and throw a cool costume party so everyone can indulge. We have something for everyone so go let’s check it out without further ado. You can also get your hands on some sexy cosplay costumes that we have discussed in this blog.

  1. Snowman and Christmas Tree

This costume can easily be put together with a bunch of tulles, glitter, and hot glue. For the snowman, dress in a white long-sleeved top with big black buttons glued to the front. The ladies can wrap white tulle around their waist for the rest of the outfit. While men can just wear white pants. Wind a red scarf around your neck and that completes the look.

The Christmas Tree on the other hand will need a black shirt and pants. Pair them with knee-length brown boots and drape on some green tulle for the leafy part. Accessorize with some lights and ornaments are you are all set to spread the Christmas cheer.

  • Grinch and Cindy Lou

Who can possibly forget the villainous thief who tried to steal Christmas? However, everyone has some good in their hearts, which the right person can see. For our mean green friend, that person was adorable little Cindy Lou. Reenact Dr. Seuss’s whimsical Christmas tale by turning to these two lead characters. All you will need is a wig and a dress for Cindy Lou and some green body paint and a Santa suit for the Grinch. You can even add in Max the dog if you have a pet to include it in the festivities too!

  • Heat Miser and Snow Miser

These characters from “The Year Without a Santa Claus” also make for a great Christmas costume. The two brothers each have the power of snow and fire. So, you can decide with your partner which will suit who the best! Then get on with crafting with some blue and velvet tunics and gray leggings. For the rest of the look you will need wire, duct tape and a PVC pipe to make a cane for Snow. Wear some white make-up and spray paint your hair the right colors to complete the costumes. A fun and unique idea that will draw the eyes to you and your partner in any holiday gathering. Also, you can play with the costume for any number of versions.

  • Rudolph and friends

The red nosed reindeer and his team have their work cut out for them on Christmas. So, why not show them some recognition by dressing up as them? Rudolph will of course be your first choice but there are also Vixen, Comet and more to choose from. Reindeer costumes can also be very versatile, and you can be as creative with them as you can. You can either get whole reindeer onesies to snuggle up in. Or just dress in reindeer inspired outfits, like a brown velvet dress, shirt, and pants. Top your outfits off with horned headbands.

  • Baking Elf and Gingerbread

Christmas is associated with the warm and delicious smells of baking. There is nothing better than cookies to spread the cheer of the holiday season. Be one of Santa’s many helpers with elf ears, an apron, and some baking gear. For the Gingerbread, cut a cookie shape from brown felt and glue the sides close. Cut out a place for the face and lastly decorate with trim and candy shaped buttons. A most delicious costume that will make both of you popular at a party in no time. And they will also be a refreshing change from the usual Santa and his elves combos in Christmas jackets or Christmas costumes.

  • Present Under the Tree

Trees and presents are an iconic duo that gets everyone excited for Christmas. And most ideal as a couple costume, because isn’t your partner the best present you ever got? Dress yourself up in some green gauze and tinsel to become the tree. While all the Christmas present needs is some gift wrap and a bow.

This completes our list of some of the most interesting and fun costumes you can wear on Christmas. Being happy with your loved ones and remembering those who are less fortunate is the true spirit of Christmas. The holiday is more about giving than receiving and sharing your blessings with those around you.

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