9 Popular Reasons Why Friends Series Still Ruling the Hearts of Millions

9 Popular Reasons Why Friends Series Still Ruling the Hearts of Millions

Life is not a bed of roses. We learn every day. Sometimes, we give up everything, and then again, we stand up for ourselves. Sometimes, we are stuck in the moment and sometimes we manage to move on. Well, we grow each day and try to become better versions of ourselves. So, in this process of life, what we miss out on is living our life in the moment. Sometimes, there will be days when we will be happy, and sometimes, we will be sad. What we should do is live our lives by enjoying the smallest things. So, the most famous show, “Friends Series”, is about living your life to the fullest regardless of the circumstances.

Why Watch the Friends Series?

This is a very popular show and people still remember it in their golden memories. It was a series filled with emotions, lessons, humour, the life of friends as a family, friends outfits and much more. Well, we have listed some reasons below why you should watch it and what makes it a huge success.

1. The Outstanding Cast

This TV Show has a perfect cast. It’s like every character falls into the place aptly. Even the guest appearances were amazing, and what to say about the main cast. It was a show that left marks on the minds of an audience. The more interesting thing is even if any TV show or series wanted to follow in its footsteps, they would fail miserably. What makes this show so special is the togetherness of the main cast throughout the series and their beautiful chemistry.

2. Reminiscence

What is better than living the old days of life? We are transported back and cherish the memories. It gives butterflies to our hearts. This series can easily travel you back to the old and simple times. For instance, it will bring back the pop culture and trends prevailing at that period. You will feel young and light-hearted if you have watched the series in your younger days.

3. Mind Blowing Script & Wardrobe

Behind every successful series, there’s a great script and wardrobe. The storyline and the dressing of every character in the series play a crucial role. For instance, phoebe orange coat went viral and the series caught more eyes. Also, other elements like dialogues, plot, pace etc. also helps in improving the script. The most appreciative part of this show was the conversations between the characters. Their dialogues were a perfect match for their personalities. Also, the flow of conversations and the perfect sense of humour moment between them also won the hearts of the audience.

4. A Home Show

Nobody comes back to a show when it is unrelatable in some way or another. A home TV series like Friends has become so popular because of its relative element. The audience connects themselves with the show. It will give you a homey feeling, that’s why it is known as a comfort show. It is the best company when you are lonely and want to refresh your mind. It is a story of a bunch of friends who are there for each other. Hence, it will keep you reminded to keep such a circle of friends in your life.

5. It is Ageless

No wonder this show is so remarkable because of the themes it is based on. Even the outfits which are chosen i.e., jackets, skirts, wedding dresses etc. And since the jackets of this series were really famous, several stores online have been dealing in ‘Friends’ genuine leather jackets. It talks about every social aspect of life. For instance, you will see friendships, relationships, family problems, career building, heartbreaks and whatnot. Hence, this applies to every age and whatever demographic is present in the world. That’s why this show is par excellence.

6. Popular Trends

In the contemporary era, we can easily find anything from anywhere because of advancements in the digital zone. So, platforms like Netflix are reviving popular cultural trends by streaming famous shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The language that has been used in this show inspires the younger generation, and out of curiosity, they are coming towards it. For instance, the iconic phrase “How you doin’?” is one of the common greeting phrases you can hear from school- and college-going students.

7. Humour Element

What makes this show so terrific is the incorporation of humour in the dialogue. Humour is supposed to be irrational but, at the same time, should make sense. It has its language and underlying meaning. You will find this kind of perfection not in any TV show but in Friends series. Imagine having six characters in a row, and one after another, every dialogue you get is full of punch, which will make you laugh out loud eventually.

8. Guest Appearance & 90s Fashion

This show has left no stones unturned. Even the guest stars who appeared on this show have established their names in the Hollywood Industry. Some names worth mentioning include Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Billy Crystal, and Julia Roberts. Apart from this, it has left us with the legacy of popular fashion trends like oversized clothes and haircuts like Rachel and Phoebe’s bohemian outfits. Even today, people are obsessed with 90s looks. They can’t get over with it to date.

9. We are Cutting it Short!

Well, to be precise Friends Series is much more than a mere script, fashion sense, trendsetter, amazing cast and acclaimed Sitcom. Through this show, you will get the lessons of life. You will get to know the true meaning of life and the struggles behind living a life while being in true spirits. You will realize who to be with and who to share your emotions with. It wasn’t an ordinary show because of the morality it is portraying, the culture it is depicting and the connectivity it is building with the commoners.

We hope we have provided you with enough reasons to love this show! If you haven’t watched this show, turn on Netflix, grab the popcorn and watch this show. We promise you’d end up binge-watching the entire series.

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