How to Protect & Maintain A Leather Jacket – Leather Care Guide


Leather jackets are perfect for adding a dash of style to any closet. Leather is one of those materials which can maintain its beauty even after enduring years of usage. The fabric has exceedingly durable properties. But it does need a proper conditioning and care routine to remain as good as new. If the right techniques are not used, your custom leather jackets will end up worn and cracked over time.

Ways to care for your leather jacket

Do Not Ignore The Manufacturer’s Instructions

The quickest and most effective way to maintain a genuine leather jacket is by reading the directions by the manufacturer. If the instructions are given, then you can simply refer to them for the right process. Since there are various different leathers available in the market, only the manufacturers know how to treat them properly.

Using A Sealant Spray

The most essential step in maintaining your pure leather jackets is using a waterproof sealant spray on them. It will keep them protected from any water damage and prevent stains from appearing. You must spray any section of the jacket that shall be exposed to the elements. Leather is vulnerable to moisture and water stains. If it is not sealed properly then you must seal the jacket as soon as you acquire it. The spray is easily available at leather garment stores.

General care

General leather care refers to most leather types. Some people might think that knowing the type of your jacket is not important. Every small piece of information you can get about the leather will help you treat it properly.

 Leather differs in several ways from one type to another. It can come from different animals even exotic creatures like kangaroos, ostriches, and pythons. There are different methods to tan the fabric which produces various kinds of leather.

For a general leather caring process, you can begin with wiping the jacket to remove any dirt. Do this with a damp yet totally wrung out rag. Most of the marks, grime, and dirt stains will be removed through wiping. But for more intense cleaning you must use other methods as well.

Detailed Cleaning

There are various products which are designed specifically to clean your precious customize jacket. They are successful in removing the tougher stains which can damage leather. However, a spot-test must be done before the products are used. Go through the instruction manual and follow accurately to ensure there aren’t any damages to the jacket. If the stain is too stubborn then the process might need to be repeated multiple times.

Some spots might not be removed with a commercial leather jacket cleaner. Leather caring websites recommend the removal of road dirt with equal sections of water and white vinegar. But the better solutions are commercial cleaners. They are a much safer option unless you do not have it available. Using other tips and tricks might be risky. Other chemicals might penetrate the clear coating of the sealant and reach all the way to the leather. This will make the stain permanent on the surface when you try to clean it.

Therefore, it is recommended that if the stains are too difficult to clean then you must used official products. Still testing them out should be the first step. You never know if they will react differently on the type of leather used in your leather jacket under 200. If in doubt, then it is best to reach out to professional leather cleaners. It can be costly but worth maintaining your valuable piece.


 Environmental and weather changes can take their toll on leather jackets. Keep them conditioned to secure it from elements that can be ruinous to them. A leather conditioner will keep the fabric from getting dry and cracked. If any cracks are developed, then it is going to rapidly decline the leather quality.

Having a smooth surface on your leather jacket, allows the usage of polish to shine it further. Keep in mind though that leather polishes can discolor or stain the material. The same testing method also applies here too, so that your jacket stays safe from harm.

Proper Storage

To avoid getting your jacket full of wrinkles, hang it up on wide, well-padded hangars. Leather is a natural fabric therefore it needs to have space to breathe. A dry environment is most suitable for storing your jacket. Do not keep it wrapped up inside a garment bag that is made out of plastic. It is better to use cloth or nylon bags to cover up the jacket.

You should try your utmost to not get your jacket wet as it can damage leather a lot. But being an outer wear chances are it might happen now and then. If it gets damp or wet, then simply hang it to dry on room temperature. Do not place it close to a direct heat source. It causes the leather to get brittle and dry out. Ironing and steaming it without professional help are also not recommended. Make sure to use a conditioner once it is thoroughly dry.

Professional Cleaning

Even after following all the cleaning rules, you will need to take your jacket to the cleaners. But if you have treated it carefully then that need only be as occasional as once a year. A professional cleaner is aware which types of deep cleaning processes to use according to the leather type. This will increase the durability of your jacket and refresh its overall look.

Leather jackets do not get visibly dirty in a few wears and that’s the best thing about them. But as a proud owner of one, you know the little tips that can help extend its life. As the season’s change and the longer you use it, it will need special attention and care. Like a trusty horse, it will serve you till the end if you keep it well-fed and groomed. But make sure to use accurate processes that do not damage it beyond repair. 

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