What Is Bonded Leather and Why You Should Avoid It: Detailed Blog 2021

What is Bonded Leather?

Winter is all about fashionable and comfortable clothes- the stylish and sensual apparel that could steal the limelight of every event! Every individual searches for the fashion-forward statement that could make him look chic and attractive along with some cozy feel in winter.

In the search of comfortable, warm, and appealing attires- leather is one and only material with a win-win situation- forever!


During chilly season, everyone wants to stay warm and attractive within his outerwear and here nothing can beat the beauty of jackets and specially when its a green leather jacket and coats in this debate.

Wool, velvet, puffer, and polyester- leaving every fabric and material, leather has a completely separate and huge fan base. People prefer to wear leather jackets and coats over their casual dresses to spice them up. Also, outerwears made up of pure leather have their specific looks which can jazz up your formal and casual appearance.

Also, leather is also the best material to keep you warm in the freezing temperature.


Due to the increased market competition, it has become very difficult to recognize the difference between real and fake leather. A large number of people usually regret buying their outerwear in the doubt of genuine leather jackets and coats. Finding whether the jacket is made with original leather or not is quite a challenging mystery for many people.  

The cheap copy of leather is now easily available in the market and this has made it very hard to recognize the real genuine leather.

However, the biggest difference is between their price and texture. Real leather is always expensive while the fake leather will always be available in cheap prices.


Apart from real leather and fake leather, there is one more type of leather known as bonded leather. It is the concoction of real and fake leather together.

The merchandise leather companies of the fashion industry throw away the leftover scrap while manufacturing leather jackets and bags. This leather leftover is being obtained by smaller companies. Further, this leftover scrap is grounded together and is provided with fibrous sheet backing to make it look alike real leather.

Bonded leather is a pure blend of real leather and polyurethane binder. It is also a little thinner than real leather. Moreover, it is one of the lowest quality types of leather.

There is no point of even comparing the real leather with bonded leather!


As I wrote earlier, bonded leather is made up of half real and half fake leather. If you are looking for something that could help you to stay in long run- then go for the long-term investment and that means buying pure leather outerwear without compromising over the price tag.

Real leather is always a lot expensive than these fake, faux, and bonded leather products. This type of leather is obtained from the skin of animals. After passing through the tanning process and after being treated with oils and waxes, real leather jackets under 200 becomes durable, smooth, and soft. This is why real leather is quite expensive and warm enough for winters.

On the other hand, bonded leather is a combination of fake and real leather. Fake leather is completely obtained via plastic or natural leaves and trees and then merged with the leftover scraps of real leather.

The comparison of the both the type of leather is not even possible!


Bonded leather is also commonly known as blended or reconstructed leather. It only contains 25 – 30% of real leather and that is only because of leftover scraps. This is why the quality and investment over the bonded leather can never be guaranteed.

Also, such type of products where leather is used for only 20%, those products are considered to be faux and artificial. They are only going to last 2-5 years maximum only. Also, they need to be handled with so much care or else they will not last more than a year.

You cannot carry bonded leather products in sun and water. Even the dust particles would ruin the whole fabric. Also, if the bonded leather product is not handled with care, it can get tiny scratches over itself which will make it go worse.


Due to the absence of real leather, bonded leather basically comprises non-elastic material. In this way, the bonded leather has the tendency to gain cracks and lose its texture. Exposure to the water and sun can also bring huge damage to the bonded leather.

If you will handle the bonded leather carefully and keep it hang rather than folding then it will last up to 5 years, make sure that you don’t expose it to heat and water.


If you don’t want to have a companionship with leather products and want to keep them changing from time to time then going for bonded leather is the finest option. However, investing in the long run and buying pure leather products would be the smarter move.

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