A Closer Look at Iconic Jackets: Exploring the Charm of Genuine Leather

A Closer Look at Iconic Jackets: Exploring the Charm of Genuine Leather

Leather Jackets are not only versatile but also luxurious articles of clothing that one must get their hands on. Apart from being always in style, these fashion statements can be donned by people of any age group to slay their looks.

In this fast-paced world where trends change back and forth, these outerwear have been making a large profit in the style industry for centuries. Not only do they represent one’s class but people can also boost their rebellious and edgy look by wearing these jackets. Below we have discussed different types of leather jackets and how they ooze sophistication and ruggedness to upgrade your overall look in winter.

8 Types Of Leather Jackets To Appear Charming In Winter

Leather Jackets:

These Outerwear are a perfect example of versatility because they go with everything. Whether you decide to wear a dress or your regular jeans, these statement pieces promise to boost your style. A sheepskin leather jacket might be all you need this winter to give your fashion style a hint of sophistication and luxury.

Although this outerwear can portray one to be rebellious, however, if you are planning to achieve a casual look, style a leather blazer instead of a leather jacket along with formal pants. You will be amazed how subtly these articles of clothing can make your style go from an unruly look to a more composed persona. Royals like Meghan Markle can be seen wearing leather jackets every now and then. Therefore, it is totally up to you and how you decide to style these jackets to match your aesthetics.

Bomber Leather Outerwear:

The bomber leather jackets were initially tailored for the aviators who roam in high altitudes surrounded by a bone-chilling cold. But nowadays, it sparks more attention from fashion enthusiasts rather than the pilots.

With suitable adjustments, including functional pockets, catchy zipper, faux collar, etc. These articles promise to make you stand out in your crowd. These are perfect to wear if you wish to channel your inner sophistication or your inner baddie. Moreover, these statement pieces are also perfect for creating a casual street style if paired accurately.

Blazer Jackets:

These stylish leather garments are the perfect alternative to classic blazers made from wool or other fabrics. Such jackets offer the wearer a more luxurious appearance. These versatile and timeless pieces go well with both, formal as well as semi-formal dresses. The famous fashion model Bella Hadid can be often seen slaying in a blazer jacket effortlessly.

If you pair them with trousers, dress shoes, and a formal shirt it will give you a more elegant and polished look. On the other hand, to look more straightforward, style them with boots and jeans. If you are not sure where to get the perfect one for you, we suggest you take a look at the famous online pelle pelle stores, and you will definitely find something that suits you perfectly.

Biker Leather Jackets:

Apart from the rebellious aesthetic that oozes out of these pieces, they are made especially for motorcyclists to protect them while they mount their bikes to hit the roads. Apart from providing protection, these items of clothing can also be a way of showcasing your style.

Crafted with the right collars, zippers, embellishments, and functional pockets, these windbreakers are a perfect addition to your wardrobe for this winter. Initially, these were made to exhibit the rebellion of Harley Davidson riders. But many famous celebrities including Kendal Jenner, Rihanna, Marlon Brando, Emma Watson, and many more have been seen wearing these statement pieces. This proves that these versatile pieces can look good on everyone, no matter if they ride a bike, walk on a ramp, or slay on-screen.

Distressed Jackets:

These items of clothing radiate a perfect balance between a vintage and a rugged vibe. They are designed in such a manner that makes them look aged and worn to give a hint of a more lived-in and casual charm. To achieve the perfect equilibrium, they have to go through various phases including scraping, sanding, and dyeing using different shades.

Distressed outerwear can be the perfect addition to your Genuine leather jacket collection because they are one of a kind as every single piece goes through its own journey. If you want to achieve that rugged and unpretentious charm, style these garments with a plain white tee and your regular pair of jeans.

Varsity Jackets:

While discussing iconic outerwear, how can we leave behind the most exotic one? That’s right. The exotic baseball or varsity jackets are excellent for siphoning your inner athletic energy. These are crafted with ribbed knit elements, that are comfy to wear and do not let you compromise your style or fashion.

These harmonious blends of knit and leather often have stripes of contrasting colors to make them more versatile and easy to style. Pair these aesthetic garments with plain shirts, and complete the look with sneakers or joggers to give yourself a casual flair.

Leather Trench Coats:

 These fashion pieces were first tailored for British soldiers and go back to the times of World War I. To enhance the silhouette of the wearer, these coats come in a double-breasted, and long cut, with adjustable waist belts and stylish lapels.

But as the war days are over, these pieces are now in demand by every snappy dresser. For instance, you can easily spot famous personalities like Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn looking perfect in these trench coats.

Double Rider Jackets:

The most common staple men’s wear is none other than the double rider leather ones. It can be easily distinguished from the former mentioned types, because of their edgy look. This outerwear serves motorcyclists and especially rock musicians the best.

The double rider or leather trucker jackets were the most worn article in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Famous stars like Michael Jackson, The Beetles, Elvis Presley, and many other renowned personalities can be seen carrying this outerwear excellently.

Final Words

Leather jackets are the most trendy and versatile piece of clothing out there. Not only they are perfect for your everyday look, but many models, actors, singers, and even royals have been seen carrying leather outerwear aesthetically. If they can, why can’t you?

Be sure to remain confident and feel comfortable with whatever you wish you wear. Whichever type you pick, do not forget to match it with your style, because once you invest in a good leather product, they are known to serve you for a long time.

While craftsmanship and affordability must be considered whenever you plan to purchase any item. These pieces of clothing are usually very well crafted and quite easy on the pocket too. However, you must make sure that the reasonable price does not force you to compromise on their overall quality.

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