15 Types of Jackets: Guide to Different Jacket Styles

types of jackets

Winters are around the corner and everyone is in the search of best and warm outfit that is not only sophisticated but also stylish. However, finding completely warm and fashionable outerwear could be a little difficult for all of you.
The fashion mantra of winters keeps on changing itself. So there are so many newer trends that are being followed by people. As they keep up with the latest fashion moves!
But wait, a lot of us usually run behind jackets and coats in winters! Sounds relatable?
How many of you are fond of wearing jackets in every formal and non-formal event? Guessing rightly, a lot of us love to wear jackets no matter what the event is!
Be it the formal meeting or the annual dinner, casual get-together, or even a date night, a jacket comes to the rescue and we ensure to look the epitome of perfection with it!
Agreeing with the fact that the jackets are usually an expensive fashion essential but investing in them would give you an impressive and incredibly chic look!


jacket styles

Trends in fashion are changing rapidly and people are keeping a keen eye on those changing trends.
Narrowing it down to the go-to choice- the great jackets! A jacket is an outer garment manufactured for the upper part of the body. This has the sleeves, zip or buttoned fastening on the front, and stylish cuffs. Mostly, jackets have the perfect fit style with a unique style of the collar.
Whenever we talk about outerwear, our mind automatically points towards the jackets. This is undoubtedly true because the uniqueness, comfort, and style of the jacket are always remarkable.
Talking about the season, honestly, jackets have no season and people do wear them as per their choices.
Winter is however the season in which the jackets are high in demand and are carried by a huge number of people. The styles of the jackets cover a diverse range and you definitely can’t resist getting your hands on all of them. From the biker to café racer, bomber to denim, shearling leather to the trucker, the variety, and styles of jackets has expanded way so far.
People are now more interested in acquiring leather jackets as they provide coziness and elegance altogether. To keep up with the trends, jackets serve as the best option and have a separate fan base.
Jackets are comfortable and sophisticated in terms of wearing over the t-shirt and jeans. They look cool, stylish, and elegant for every event, and super versatile.
With the help of a jacket, you can gear up so many styles and can keep up with the fashion trends as well. Be it, man or woman, a jacket suits everyone, and one can make a smart move by investing incorrect type of jacket.
Wearing a jacket can transform your look instantly and you can steal the limelight of every event just by carrying your jacket. Your entire outfit and looks would elevate with the help of a jacket and who wouldn’t like to be apple of everyone’s eye?
If you are one who is a fashion freak and love to wear a jacket then you might be having a lot of jackets in your wardrobe! But this time, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for your encompassing different types of jackets that are attractive and appealing! Let us dive in!


Do you like to wear jackets more or are you in love with coats? Well, the basic difference between the jacket and the coat is in their lengths. In general, coats are much heavier and they come down to the hips. Some of the coats are a little longer in the length. However, jackets are relatively light and usually stop at the hip length.
In short, jackets are hip-waist or waist-length garments that you can use to cover up the clothes. This waist-length garment is used by both men and women in the winters and during the cold weather. With the flawless finishing touch and inspiring styles, the jacket is the finest outerwear one should carry while going out.
However, the coats are usually hip-length or longer than that and look simply classy to wear. Also, the coat is usually manufactured with heavy material including blended wool and leather incorporated with shearling fur.
Be it the jacket or the coat, both the things are designed for men and women and you can carry them as per your choice and preference.


Jackets are considered to be the most comfortable and stylish outerwear in winters. Be it the formal event or the non-formal gathering, jackets look classy and extravagant with a sense of warmth and comfortability.
But this warmth and coziness come from the material of the jacket! No matter how stylish and how fashion-forward the jacket is; if the material used in the manufacturing of the jacket is not up to the mark, you will not find it toasty and warm for yourself in winter.
Are you clueless about the material and fabric of the jacket and coat? Here is the best type of materials that are used for the jackets and before acquiring the jacket, check for the material and fabric that has been used for its manufacturing!

  • Wool
  • Faux fur
  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Hemp
  • Flannel
  • Cashmere
  • Mohair
  • Cotton
  • Corduroy

These are some of the materials that are used for the jackets and the sumptuous pieces of garb made from these fabrics are highly comfortable. If you want to buy a jacket for the winter then make sure to check the quality and the material of the jacket. In this way, you would be able to make a long-term investment for winter’s yet a fashion-forward move.


types of jackets

The range of jackets and a vast variety of the styles and designs lying under the umbrella of ‘jackets’ may make you confuse. Obviously, who doesn’t want to get his hands over the exciting and exclusive genuine leather jackets?
Jackets are outerwear that is designed to make you feel warm and comfortable in the winters and in the freezing weather. Furthermore, these jackets make you look cool and extravagant. One can instantly look classy and elegant with the jacket.
Here is a breakdown of 15 types of jackets that one should be knowing about. You can choose any of them as per your preferences.

Bomber jackets:

Bomber jackets are the most common type of jackets that are known as flight jackets as well. They are relatively short and durable with the zippered front closure and fitted elastic waist with cuffs. This style of jacket is loved around the entire world and since it looks casual, the bomber jacket is versatile and comfortable.

Biker jackets:

Who doesn’t want to wear superhero jackets? But wait, if you want to elevate your personality just the same way then a biker jacket is for you. Also known as the motorbike jacket, this piece of garment is short with body-fit style and zippered closure. The jacket looks extremely hot with the jeans and t-shirt.

Trucker jackets:

The trucker jacket is a button-front jacket with flap pockets on both sides. This is also a short and fitted style jacket made up of comfortable denim material. This jacket is also available in suede style and shearling trimmed designs in different colors. This jacket is one of timeless design- perfect for a coffee date!

Denim jackets:

Who doesn’t love to carry the light-weighted and simply stylish denim jackets? This is the only versatile and highly comfy outerwear in which you should invest right away. Be it the summers or the falls, denim jackets are simply outclassed and bring a casual yet fashionable touch to the personality.

Track jackets:

If you want to look casual yet awe-inspiring at the same time then this is the high time to invest in the track jacket. These are comfortable jackets with zip front closure and ribbed cuffs. The sporty and casual look of this jacket makes it more aesthetic. All you need is to carry matching jeans with a track jacket!

Blouson jackets:

The blouson jackets are also called Harrington jackets. These are the waist-length, front zippered, and bold colors’ jackets. With the ribbed cuffs and hemline, the style of the jacket is quite similar to the bomber jacket. Also, the neatly tailored style with a classic collar makes this jacket a lot smarter and casual.

Hooded jackets:

The great hooded jacket is the one that is classiest yet amazingly stylish. This style of jacket is a must-have for all the people out there for the winter season. This would help you to stay dry in rain and would help you look casually fashionable. Always staying in trend and style, hooded jackets suits everybody and would be the perfect outfit for your coffee date.

Overcoat style:

The style of overcoats is quite elegant and looks attractive due to its variety of different styles and designs. You can carry these jackets over your dress pent and shirt as well and can steal the hearts around. Be it a casual or formal event, wearing the overcoat in winter would help you to look elegant and stay warm at the same time.


The parka is a style of jacket that is hip-length. It is designed with fabric that is comfortable for the cold weather. The parkas are stuffed with down synthetic fiber and have a fur-lined hood. Due to the warm yet aesthetic designs, these parkas are the best type of outerwear you could have for the winter outing.

Leather jackets:

Have you seen the celebrities wearing high-quality leather jackets and the Pelle Pelle jacket? These are the jackets that are made with natural leather and faux leather along with the zip-up front and a standing collar. The leather jacket is one of the most versatile styles in the jackets and wearing them would keep you warm and comfy.

Shearling jackets:

Want to look elegant yet want to stay warm? Shearling jackets are for you then! This is one of the perfect styles of jackets that you can carry in cold days. These shearling jackets are made up of cozy sheep’s wool and this could be real and synthetic. With the lapel-style shearling collar, shearling jackets look simply breathtaking!

Pea coat:

The pea-coat is a type of short-length coat that resembles the jacket after all! Pea coats feature broad lapel collars and double-breasted front and are traditionally made from heavy wool in navy and dark blue colors. These short coats also have large buttons and diagonal pockets. Excellent outerwear for the winters!

Puffer jackets:

The puffer jackets are also known as quilted and down jackets. They are filled up with synthetic fiber to give them a warm yet comfy finish. Also, some of the puffer jackets are also quilted and incorporated with down feathers. In the colder months, you need to have a puffer jacket with you.

Double-breasted jackets:

Another style of jacket that could elevate your personality instantly is the double-breasted jacket. This is the style of the jacket that is based on loose-fitting and has wide lapels on the front. If you want to look classy yet want to stay warm then go with the option of double-breasted jackets.


Buying a blazer in the colder months would turn out to be a fashion-forward move. Also, the blazers would work as a catalyst to enhance your looks. This is the type of small suit jacket but is a little looser from the sides to make it look casual. The stylized buttons over the blazers also make it a good choice for casual outings.


As the winter season arrives, the crowds in the markets and shopping centers increase! The reason behind this bombardment of people at the winter outfits’ shops in the sale of jackets and coats.
Winter is the season when people love to buy their choice of outerwear and leather garbs and the demand for the jackets has instantly increased! People take inspiration from celebrities and actors as well and want to replicate their looks. Leather jackets and other garment industries are also receiving the demands for more production of jackets.
Coats and jackets are becoming the growing global leader in the clothing market. With the new trends of clothing on the rise, jackets have become a pure winter symbol and people are acquiring jackets and coats like never before!


This long and detailed comprehensive guide is encompassing the 15 top types of jackets that one should be knowing about. All these jackets that have been discussed can be worn by men and women! What else do you want? If you are looking to acquire a brand new piece of jacket for yourself then ensure to make a long-term investment for the winters.

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