Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets and Coats Style Guide

pelle pelle leather coats and jackets

A leather jacket is something everyone should have in their closets because your style is incomplete without it. Besides, it’s 2022, we need don’t want anything interesting anymore, instead, we want excitement because the last two years have been a roller coaster ride for everyone. 

Anyhow, leather jackets and coats are quite easy to get but trouble begins when you don’t how you should wear them and which season is perfect for leather attire. We wanted to say, move to somewhere you can carry leather 365 days 24/7. Just kidding. We did not. We are just stating the fact that a leather jacket is quite an asset to every man and you would not find any man who does not have a leather jacket in his wardrobe. They at least have one of those. And most of them even have Pelle Pelle clothes that completely consist of leather and not just any fabric but leather that used to grow in Marc’s basement. 

History of Pelle Pelle

Before we dive deep into it, it is our responsibility to let you know each thing we know about Pelle Pelle and its owner, the world’s finest designer Marc Buchanan! Because a huge part of this blog is based on how should you style Pelle Pelle clothing that includes coats, jackets, and whatnot. 

So, it all started in 1978 when fashion designer Marc thought to launch Pelle Pelle. If you are wondering what it means, well, this is what you call leather in Italian. Fashion statements in 1978 were quite different than today. You could expect anything from any clothing brand. But there is one more aspect to that, at that time, the competition was not this tough. Today we have several brands competing with each other and it’s incredible how Pelle Pelle is still in the game although it’s been discontinued for a long time now. But the brand has a pretty big fan base and that is how it is still alive and living. 

Pelle Pelle did not only mark its territory in the heart of the common community but it made its presence count in celebrities’ closets too. So, Pelle Pelle used to be in demand and famous globally. And since, it has stopped all of its operations, people are wondering if it will ever be possible for them to continue it again. But here’s the deal, as we said earlier, the fan base is doing everything that can be done to keep the legacy of genuine leather alive. And if it takes them to recreate each design, we are up for that too. 

Marc and His Specialty

Marc is known to be the one who specialized in bright color clothing. It’s like he owns this category and none can do it better than him. The journey that started in 1978, had many ups and downs too, and the brand also evolved. Started with a common and typical Pelle Pelle varsity jacket and then we see the addition of fur trims and rhinestones. These are the changes that helped it grow even further and this growth made it memorable for decades. However, it was completely established in 78’ but things were on the roll since 1970. It took seven years to launch something this incredible and even more years to finally make a name in the market. 

The Big Change in the Fashion Industry

Do you know, it was 1970 when hip-hop officially emerged? And maybe that is why we see a big change in fashion. From uptight dresses to loose and baggy t-shirts and pants. And it wasn’t limited to streets but to Hollywood too! Some celebrities did not even wear Pelle Pelle showed their support and love towards it. This list includes names like Ludacris, 50 Cent, G Unit, Dr. Dre, Fat Joe, Young Dre the Truth, NFL Player Marques Colston, Usher, Bobby Brown, Dru Hill, and many more. The great thing about Pelle Pelle is that the owner knew what his consumer wanted and he was never wrong about it. His only priority was Pelle Pelle and tried his best to produce the best of every piece of clothing that comes out of his boutique. 

How to Wear Pelle Pelle Correctly?

Pelle Pelle started with jackets and with time it expand and launched some great articles that include Pelle Pelle coat, Chi-town jackets, world-famous, soda club, bomber jackets, etc. Since we are done with the history of Pelle Pelle, it’s time that we move on to the actual debate. You know the sole purpose of constructing this article, consider it a guide for your Pelle Pelle collection. Bring out your jackets and coats and let us tell you how should style them if you want to be the center of attention in any gathering. 

The Chi-Town Elegance

Let’s start with the chi-town collection because we have quite a variety in that category and we are pretty much sure, you will have one of those hooded jackets with furry edges. 

However, there are many ways to try this elegant jacket on but if you want to make it count. 

But first off, it depends on your jacket’s color. If it’s white then you should better wear it with colors that enhance your jacket. You can go with colors like grey, blue, and black. Or else you can also wear it with over a white t-shirt and jeans. All white! How about that? Don’t forget to add a fine pair of shoes to complete your look. 

Same Yet Different

Next we the same article but this time the color is different. How about a red chi-town jacket inspired by Pelle Pelle? If you are the guy who never put on red color then this might be hard for you. But not impossible. Because we have got your back. Red looks great with black, so if you have a red jacket that you want to wear for so long then now is the time. Take your Pelle Pelle red leather jacket out of the trunk and put it on over a black tee. You can also pair it with a printed t-shirt. But make sure your chosen print is not so bright because you already have a bright jacket. 

The Classic Varsity Jacket!

The great thing about Pelle Pelle is that it does not only have heavy-duty jackets varsity jackets too. So if you think, they don’t have anything that helps you to go through spring and summertime then you are wrong. Speaking of varsity jackets, the only good way to wear a varsity jacket is to wear it on your campus. Wondering why? Because nothing can be more stylish than a Pelle Pelle varsity jacket if you are heading to a concert or a game. It goes with everything and when we say everything, we mean everything! Be it a plain t-shirt and torn jeans or even a formal shirt. You can try it yourself. We bet, you are going to find it the sleekest of them all. In addition to accessories, wear some nerdy glasses too. 

Biker’s jacket

Moving on to the Pelle Pelle biker jacket. A classic biker jacket is the one that provides you comfort as well as protection from harsh weather conditions and that is why we have this category in the industry. There is a wide variety of biker jackets in Pelle Pelle and each one of them has exquisite design and material. You can have it in different colors but that won’t look as good as it will in black. Black is the color of class and elegance. Apart from that, it always makes you look good. However, the jacket as the name suggests, it is originally made for bikers but it has become a style statement today and you will see every other person wearing it regardless of anything. 

Anyways, how can you style a jacket that is already styled? Just enhance it. One way is to pair it with a simple t-shirt which is pretty common but here is another way. And we know, not many of you would like this experiment but you can also put it on over a high-neck. What color? We leave that to you. You can have an opinion too. Right? 

The Typical Bomber Jacket with Baggy Pants

Next on the list is a leather bomber jacket. People used to call it a flight jacket back in the day. It is one of the classiest jackets on the list because of its decent and sophisticated style and detailing. You can wear it to a simple lunch or a ball game, wherever you want. These jackets come in colors like black, brown, and mustard so you have plenty of options to experiment with this piece of clothing. Usually, jackets don’t go with formal dressing but if you have a bomber jacket, you can effortlessly wear it with formal clothes. It will just add up to your class. But keep one thing in mind, if you are going with formals, put your boots on instead of sneakers. Oh, and don’t forget those black shades. Try this style and you are good to go! 

Tell us that you did not forget about the baggy pants? Good for you because you can try them on too with your jackets. We get that you don’t like experimenting much but how are you going to learn if you won’t give it a try? So if you don’t have a pair of baggy pants already then you need one. Because it is the ultimate fashion statement. Do you know what is great about fashion that you don’t see quite often? Well, it never goes out of fashion. There is no expiry date for attires you don’t wear often. Whenever put it on, it will look as good as day one. 

Combine your Black Leather Jacket with a Hoodie

Have you ever worn a jacket over a hoodie? Well, you are going to wear it now. You can count it as a popular style but you will hardly see someone wearing it. But you can still try it and steal all the limelight. If you have a black leather jacket and cannot decide how to wear it then, take out your hoodie and pair of fine jeans and put them on. Last but not least, complete your look with pair of Nikes so what are you waiting for? This look can also be created by using a sweatshirt and trousers. It all depends on how you want it to be. 

Black Leather Coat with Pair of Chinos!

Now we have this inspired black leather coat on the list. And we hope that you know the drill with coats. This attire should be worn in snowy weather because if you wear it out of nowhere then be ready to get criticized by fashion fanatics. For them, it’s just like pineapple toppings on a pizza. Anyways, a black leather coat is considered to be quite a sophisticated piece of clothing so you better wear it right or don’t wear it at all because there is no in-between. 

Let’s keep the jeans aside and move on to a pair of chinos. These are also pants but lightweight and cotton blended. The great thing about these pants is that you can get to choose from a variety of colors and wear them with anything. The reason for mentioning these pants is that how about trying these with your black leather coat? Sometimes you should stop following the trend and be the one who sets it. Chinos would be the perfect pick to pair with your coat. But of course, don’t forget the plain black tee beneath your coat. 

Wrap up!

We don’t know why Pelle Pelle had to close exactly but we know one thing for sure and that is it was way too soon. Do you know that it was the very first brand to launch designer baggy pants? You are welcome! It’s not like no one knew about baggy pants but it wasn’t in the limelight. So, Marc Buchanan does deserve the credits of this. Apart from this, there are other attires like Pelle Pelle soda club jackets they presented proudly. And you might know the rest. A brand that has been a great part of the fashion industry for decades came to an end for some unknown reasons. But we are here to provide you with the charm of it forever!

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